5 reasons why companies should use recruitment agencies


Companies hire new employees for mainly two reasons, attrition or growth. What they both have in common is a long recruitment process without the right help. Here is 5 reasons why companies should use recruitment agencies.


1) Increased access to good candidates

Working with recruitment agencies will give companies a higher possibility to access new candidates and new potential leaders. The recruitment agencies tend to have more specialized networks as well as their own candidate pool, which will make the access to new candidates both faster and easier.

2) Branding

There is no secret that companies spend a huge amount of resources on branding. With the right partnership, these resources can easily be saved while retaining the chance of being seen by the right people. Free branding support is one of the positive effects of working with recruitment agencies. The agencies know all the reasons why your company is amazing, how it is to work there, the corporate culture, the benefits, the opportunities, and they’ll be sure to mention this to the talents they’re recruiting.

3) Saving Time

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to find and hire great talent as there are numerous steps to take before adding a new name tag to the office. The processes of sourcing, identifying potential talents to filtering the responses, interviewing and in the end hiring, is time consuming and often not linear. Saving time in the recruitment process is always a benefit when hiring.

4) Extended support

Nothing feels more rewarding than hiring great talent. The process however, is long and time consuming. Therefore, having an extended support will allow companies to have more people in place to search for the best talents. This will not only make the recruitment process faster, but it will also help companies stay ahead of the competition.

5) Industry knowledge

Being specialized in various markets is one of the main advantages recruitment agencies have as they can assist the hiring company with important market insight. A great partnership is required in order to make sure that the recruitment agency is not another recruitment agency but your eyes and ears in the market.