5 ways to increase your productivity


Being productive is a challenge we all experience at least once in our lifetime. ”How do we manage being productive?” is a question we all ask and a puzzle we all try to solve. The key factor behind productivity is simple, yet difficult without the right guidelines. Here are 5 ways to increase your productivity.


1) Make a list

It is important to differentiate your tasks in order to understand and prioritize the importance of them. A list will give you a clear overview, a highlight and an idea of the time needed to spend on each task. Once you manage to understand and prioritize which task to start with, you are good to go.

2) Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals will not only help you focus on your task but it will also provoke a competitive instinct which will make the possibility higher for the task to be done. The reward? The sense of satisfaction once a task is completed.

3) Skip multi-tasking

Multi-tasking is one of the main reasons why people lack productivity and who can blame them!? While focusing on multiple tasks at the same time might seem productive, you are actually disturbing your concentration and distracting your thoughts away from the tasks, (this can provoke smaller mistakes). By the end of the day you might have several tasks in progress but none of them truly completed.  

4) Decline meetings

Unnecessary meetings are a waste of time and unfortunately a big issue a lot of companies struggle with today as they overbook employees with unnecessary meetings. Remember to check the topic and the agenda of the meetings, is it something you can decline without having to suffer? Then do it! You will save both time and work.

5) Get enough breaks

Last but not least, allow yourself to take breaks. Starring at your screen or notebook for several hours can be tiresome, therefore, setting time aside for breaks is vital in order to keep your productivity high, while recharging your energy and gain new ideas.