5 reasons to apply to a job via a recruitment agency


Finding a job is not only time consuming but also energy draining. Not knowing where to look, whom to ask or what to do might cause several headaches and give a true meaning to the statement – ”finding a job is a full time job”. Here are 5 reasons why job seekers should use a recruitment agency when seeking new challenges.    


1) It’s usually for free

Recruitment agencies offer various services and guidance in order to help candidates achieve their dream job, usually for free. Having a team of recruiters working for you is a big advantage, and a benefit job seekers should take. What do you really have to loose?

2) You’ll be more prepared

Recruitment agencies works closely with their clients, and they learn about the business and the job opportunities available. This allows recruitment agencies to inform and prepare you for the interview, the position in question and the recruitment process. Remember, the recruitment agency is on your side, the people working there want nothing more than for you to succeed.

3) You’ll get constructive feedback

Ever done an amazing interview and never heard back from the company? Did you wonder what went wrong, or did you feel frustrated or confused? In such cases, receiving feedback is crucial. A recruitment agency will normally work with a direct route to the decision maker and can provide honest and constructive feedback for you to improve.

4) You’ll get more opportunities

Recruitment agencies work with various companies and job positions around the world. If the first job offer is not a good fit, they can easily introduce you to the second or third. This creates more opportunities for you and a bigger possibility to achieve your dream job.

5) They can help when negotiating your salary

Some people find it uncomfortable negotiating salary with a potential employer, or they’re afraid the company will hire someone else instead. Way too many people settle for the first offer on the table. This can result to an awkward situation when finding out that the salary could have been higher to begin with. It is in the recruitment agencies best interest to know the salary range, to know what you are ”worth”, and to make sure you get it.