5 tips to help your CV stand out


You would think sending a CV would be easy, right? Well think again. Employers spend normally between 20 - 30 seconds on a CV, which gives you very little time to make a positive impression. Here are 5 tips on how you can impress a recruiter with your CV.


1)   Keep a simple layout

The time you have on making a positive impression is very, very short. Making sure you have a clear and well structured layout will definitely give you the advantage you need and make your CV not only easy to read, but cause less headaches for the recruiter when looking for relevant information.

2)   Stand out

One of the challenges of writing a CV is making sure that you stand out from other candidates. The companies who are hiring are actually having a problem they need to solve. By demonstrating that you are the right person to solve their issue will help you stand out. Best tip would be to figure out how you should make it clear that you are the problem solver.

3)   Tailor your CV

The main objective of sending your CV is to increase your chances of securing an interview. Sending the same generic CV to different companies over and over again will therefore be pointless if you really want the interview. Making sure your CV fits the requirements of each job offer you are applying to will increase your chances of moving to the interview stage.

4)   Keep it error free

Make sure to read through your CV as making mistakes is easier than one would think. Spelling mistakes, dates, incorrect email address and phone number can easily be avoided by reading through the CV and save you the frustration of what could have been done versus what was done.

5)   Keep your CV up to date

Sending old CV’s does not only look unprofessional but it gives an impression of not caring about the job offer you are applying to. Make sure that your CV is regularly updated to meet the requirements of any job your applying for.