Didn’t get the dream job? Time to bounce back!


Rejection is never easy, especially when you apply for a job you really want. However, it happens, and that’s when you have to stay motivated and have faith in your abilities. Here’s some useful tips to keep you focused during troubled times.


1) It’s not personal

Try to keep things in perspective, as the job market is more competitive than before. There are tons of job opportunities out there, and it’s not the end of the world if you didn't land the first job opportunity you applied for. It just means that the right job hasn't been presented to you yet.

2) Keep applying

Staying positive and optimistic is a key factor when you have received a rejection. There is no secret to it but the more you apply the greater are the chances for you to learn new skills, improve your interviews and nail your dream job.

3) Review your own performance

Some of the most common job search mistakes are typos or spelling errors. Reviewing your resume and application is a good way to make sure you didn't have them or prevent having them in the future. If you were lucky enough to get an interview but not the job, try to think back. How did the interview(s) go? Did you act and appear like a professional? Did you practice beforehand? Did you research the company? Being able to reflect on your experience is an underestimated ability, which will definitely improve your next application. 

4) Make an action plan

Use the rejection and the experience as a motivation to be better prepared the next time around. Make sure your resume is perfect, and reflect on previous interviews in order to improve. Pull all loose strings together and formulate an action plan, detailing what you should do and what you should avoid.

5) Remember – this is just a temporary situation

Whether you are unemployed or looking to change your current position, looking for a job is a means to an end. The work to get your dream job is in some cases described as a "fulltime job", however, your situation is a temporary one and once you find your dream job you will be able to relax and enjoy your new professional career.