5 reason why touring is a must for every company

There is no difference between a rock band, a sports team or a company going on tour. Whether it is a startup, mid-sized or enterprise-sized company, depending on the industry, market or segment the “experience” remains the same. Here are top 5 reasons why your company should go on tour.


1  Empower your brand

We live in the era of social media, and there is no doubt promoting a company is easier today compared to only a decade ago. However, doing it the old fashioned way, by going on tour, enables the creation of brand awareness of a more interesting sort and in the end, attract more people to your brand.


2. Build a network 

Going on tour enables your company to interact, face to face, with new customers, business partners and people in general. Don’t underestimate the importance of this, close interactions done right is a great way to build trust and increase your, brand awareness, as well as expanding your network. People prefer to do business with people they have actually met and interacted with.


3. Maintain relationships

Going on tour enables your company to visit customer, business partners and people you work with. Maintaining relationships you’ve already established is as vital as building a network. Why? Meeting people and business partners makes communication more effective and helps agreeing on future projects easier than it otherwise would.


4. Experience other cities and countries

One of the main reasons why people travel abroad is to learn and understand different cultures and traditions. In our case we promote working abroad, going on tour enables us to travel abroad see and experience the cities and countries we promote our candidates to live and work. Looking up images at Google is just not enough (sorry, Google).


5. Learn about other companies

Learning from other companies should become a priority for everyone. Going on tour enables you to better understand and learn about other companies, their mistakes, their experiences, their employees, their work, their solution(s) and their work culture, which in the end will help you empower your company.