5 easy ways to improve your phone interviews


For anyone interested in getting a new job, a phone interview is most likely the first obstacle you have to face. Many people assume that the phone interviews are an easy task; however, messing up the first phone interview will definitively not help you move forward in the process. Here are five easy ways to improve your phone interviews.


1) Be prepared

Preparation is key to succeed in life, and nothing is truer when it comes to a phone interview. Remember to review the company’s website, understand the position you’re applying for and the requirements. Research the person interviewing you if possible (don’t stalk him/her, however), and try to catch up on some recent company news. A good preparation will contribute to your confidence.

2) Find a quiet place

It’s hard enough having a normal conversation at a crowded bar. Imagine then, having a phone interview there! It’s important to be in a distraction-free environment during the interview; you’ll avoid unwanted interruptions, it’ll help you focus and you’ll avoid the embarrassment of asking the interviewer to repeat the same question again.

3) Smile

It takes more energy to frown than to smile. And while a phone call might be an excellent chance to pull some angry faces about something, your interviewer will absolutely be able to tell. Don’t forget the physiological effect smiling has while being on the phone, you’ll sound more enthusiastic and optimistic for it. What can you possibly be grumpy about, someone have actually shown enough interest in your profile to give you a chance. Smile!

4) Engage in the interview

Engaging in the interview will show confidence, interest and it will contribute to an easier phone interview. Ask questions – demonstrate your considerable curiosity. Imagine you’re having a nice chat with a friend, don’t think of it as a phone interview.

5) Ask about the next step

Understanding the next step gives you a timeline of the hiring process, as well as insight to when and how the company in question will follow up. One the worst feelings on the planet is that gnawing, uncertain feeling following a phone interview: Will they call today? Tomorrow? Next week? Maybe I should call them? To avoid some frustration, just ask the interviewer about the process and plan accordingly.