3 reasons to learn Spanish


Did you know that approx 572.9 million people in the world speak Spanish? If that isn’t a reason in itself to learn the language maybe these 3 simple reasons might help you change your mind.

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1) Use your language on holidays

Are you thinking about travelling to a country which uses Spanish? Maybe Spain, Mexico or Cuba? Wouldn’t it make the travel more fun if you could communicate in their language? From our experience we can tell you that using the native language of the country you are visiting will give you a more “local” experience and hopefully help you away from the tourist traps.

2) New opportunities

There is no secret that Spanish is becoming the new “English” - it’s surrounding our daily lives more than ever and we can you tell that the Spanish language is becoming more and more popular around the world. Just turn on the radio. As the popularity for the Spanish language is increasing so does your future career opportunities, with approx 572.9 million speakers around the world there is definitely a need for Spanish speakers in today’s global marketplace. Who knows you might even find your dream job.

3) Personal health benefits

Ordering food and drinks from restaurantes is not the only benefit you will get from learning a new language, in fact studies show that learning a new language will give you an improved overall cognitive function among other health benefits. Learn Spanish not just for fun but do it for your health!

Bro Tips:  

Trust us when we say learning Spanish can be easy, fun and rewarding. We recommend you to take at least a year abroad, live in a country/city where the Spanish language is surrounding you. Practicing with friends and local people will definitely make things easier. Having professional and good teachers is a must. Last but not least try to enjoy the experience and have fun doing so, it’s ok to make mistakes. Are you interested to learn Spanish in one of the best language schools in Barcelona? Get in touch.


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