5 tips for a smooth resignation


Whether you’ve found something different or you recently discovered the 6 signs it’s time for a new challenge, quitting your job is never easy unless it really sucks. Here are 5 tips for a smooth resignation.


1) Review your bonuses or commissions

If you are expecting any bonuses or commissions it would be wise to wait with quitting your job after receiving any expected bonuses or commissions. It will make your life easier if by any chance the numbers are not correct. Remember to also review your remaining holidays.

2) Review your contract

Make sure you don't have any binding agreements, non-compete contracts or any other agreements that would slow down your departure.

3) Speak with you manager

Do your manager a favor and let him/her know that you are leaving. Not only will you give your manager time to find a replacement or a solution but you will also help maintain a professional relationship.

4) Resignation letter

Write a formal letter where you express why you have decided to leave and make sure to add your planned resignation date. Offering help with the transition and thanking the employer for the opportunity never hurts.

5) Don’t burn bridges

The number one rule when quitting your job is to leave on great terms, who knows, you might just end up with a new agreement on a later stage. Make sure that you don’t slack on the work even though you are leaving you don’t want to risk losing your employers as a possible reference.