5 ways to be happier at work


It’s funny how many of us spend approximately one third of our life at work, and yet hate every minute of it. You would expect being happy at work is a given but for some people being happy at work is easier said than done. Do not despair if you’re one of them; here are 5 ways you can turn that frown upside-down.


1) Start your day on a positive note

How you begin your day affects your mood during your working hours, this you know. But did you also know that research shows that happy people consistently are more productive? Try to understand your morning routines, differentiate them and change the ones that impacts you negatively. Make it a priority to start your day with one or more activities which helps boosts your positive vibes, for example workout, meditate or go for a morning walk before you start your work.

2) Be social

Being social is a vital human necessity, which allows people to feel comfortable as well as happy. Make sure to set aside time to socialize with your co-workers, eat lunch together, build relationships and make friends. You never know what advice, care and support they can offer. Besides, having co-workers you like and enjoy spending time with contributes towards a happier workplace.

3) Seek professional development

Whether your ambition is to learn a new skill, overachieve your key performance indicators (KPI’s) or get a promotion, you should always seek ways to challenge both yourself and your daily work routine. As we all know, having the same daily routine day in and day out can become tiresome. Therefore, invest time on your professional growth as this will not only benefit your career but also provide a more interesting workplace.

4) Avoid negativity

One of the main reasons why people start to get unhappy at work is due to negative surroundings at the workplace. Unfortunately, there is no formula to please everyone and negative comments, conversations, gossip and people will always be around. Avoiding negativity is therefore crucial in order to create a positive ambience, not only for yourself, but also for your co-workers.

5) Change workplace

Let’s face it, if you have tried everything in your power to be happy at your work but still remain unhappy, is it worth continuing? Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your job, your employer or even your career, as life is too short to be spending your valuable time on doing something you do not really care about.