How do I find a room/flat in Barcelona?


So, you’ve taken the big step and finally decided to move to Barcelona. You’ve already got a job and the only thing remaining for you to remain calm is finding an accommodation. But let’s face it, finding one in Barcelona is never easy. That’s why we have created a simple guideline on how you can find the perfect room/flat in Barcelona.

How to find a room-flat in barcelona.png

When should you start looking?

Finding the perfect room/flat might be time consuming which is why we recommend you to start looking as soon as you know or have the idea of moving to Barcelona! (The same advice goes for job hunting!).

Location matter!

Barcelona is a city full of diversity and fun neighborhoods. Make sure you choose a location which fits your “personality”. 

Barceloneta - Beachy

Cituat Vella - City center

Raval - Cultural meltingpot

El Born - Trendy / Hipsterish

El Gotico - Touristy

Poblenou - Local 

Eixample - Modern

Gràcia - Bohemian

Bonus Tip 1 You can easily use public transport, bike or skate your way through the city.

Bonus Tip 2 Living close to your workplace might be a benefit.

How long will you stay?

Being able to predict the length of your stay would make the hunt easier.

Bonus Tip! Be aware of the Barcelona bug - many people plan to stay for 1 year but in the end fall in love with the city and stay for years. True story!

Money, Money, Mooneeey!

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in the world and there is always a high demand for rooms/flats. Make sure you can afford between - 350 Euros - 1000 Euros a month depending on the room/flat. 

Bonus Tip! Sharing is caring, and budget friendly. There are tons of people/ students who prefer sharing a flat.

Where to look?

There are a great mix of websites and agencies to check out before making the final decision. Here are some of the most popular ones: 






Bonus Tip 1 There are several Facebook groups for sharing rooms/flats in Barcelona, join them!

Bonus Tip 2 If you already have friends in Barcelona ask if they know anyone who rents a room/flat.

Last but not least

  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be careful when dealing with online room/flat hunting as Barcelona is full of room/flat scams. 

  • Never pay a crazy amount of money before you actually visit the room/flat.

  • Make sure you get a contract. If the contract is in Spanish and your not fluent yet, make sure you have a friend who speaks Spanish. (If you want to learn spanish in Barcelona, click here!)

  • Book a small weekend trip to check out the neighborhoods and rooms/flats. 

  • Be patient, positive and enjoy the experience in Barcelona!

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