How to boost your linkedin profile (for intermediate user)


If you are occasionally using LinkedIn and are in the need to boost your profile but don’t know how or where to start. Look no further, we have covered 5 simple and quick steps to help you boost your profile in no time.

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1) Update your information

Make sure to have an updated LinkedIn profile at all times and not just when you are looking for a job. Why? Well, this will make your profile more searchable by the relevant companies, recruiters and contacts.

Quick tip! Updating your location might even give you an invite for a business meeting, cool event or a job interview.

2) Optimize your job descriptions

We know, optimizing your job descriptions can be boring and in some cases time consuming but if you want to end up in search results we highly recommend you to do so.

Quick tip! You do not have to write full paragraphs, use bullet-points that include a variety of relevant keywords. This will boost your profile in search results and make your profile more readable.

3) Ask for a recommendation

Let’s face it, who does not love being recommended? Recommendations will give you more credibility as a professional, and it might even give you the extra confirmation needed for a recruiter to approach you.

Quick Tip! It’s really simple, reach out to both current and previous colleagues and managers, and ask them to share their experience working with you. (Don’t forget to return the favor).  

4) Filter skills & endorsements

Skill endorsements should help you stand out and make your profile more attractive. You should include keywords that make you more searchable, and support your story as a professional.

Quick Tip! Remember that not every endorsement is worth displaying. Make sure to reorder your list so that the most important skill is on the top. Add skills that are a key factor for your industry and role.  

5) Your network is your net worth

Last but not least, make sure to expand your network! Connecting with people from all over the world with different backgrounds will broaden your reach and potentially help you encounter new and exciting opportunities.

Quick Tip! Speaking of new and exciting opportunities have you checked out our open vacancies in some of the most exciting cites around Europe?

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