Working abroad just became easy!


Applying for jobs should never be too complicated or time consuming regardless of the device you are using. We have therefore created a simple guideline on how you can easily apply to our jobs abroad, whether you are relaxing at home or waiting for the bus, no registration of an user account is needed and did we mention it’s totally free?

linkAnordic Nordic Jobs Abroad

Step 1) Check out the job page 🤳

The first thing you need to do is to check out our Nordic job page 🤩 From there you will need to select your Nordic language, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish or Finnish.

If you don’t speak any of the Nordic language don’t worry! We also provide other multilingual jobs abroad 😜 Just make sure to select the Other option for our multilingual jobs abroad.

Step 2) Find your job abroad 👌

Once you have selected your native language / preferred working language, have a look at the jobs currently available on our platform.

Step 3) Click on the job 👆

Make sure to click on the job opportunity you find interesting, and please remember to read the job description.

*Quick Q&A

Q - Why do some of the job descriptions provide company names / logos while others don’t?
A - Based on the agreement we have with the hiring company, we either publish the company name / logo or we don’t.

Step 4) Apply 💪

If you found an interesting job opportunity, your next step would be to click on the apply button - your email (most likely outlook) will automatically open on a new window. Make sure to add your updated CV in English - with the reference code as the subject line.

*Quick Q&A

Q - Where do I find the reference code and how does it look like?

A - You will find the reference code just before the apply button and it contains normally 3 - 4 letters and two numbers - (SSJ35)

Step 5) Nothing interesting? 📰

What if you don’t find anything interesting? Do not worry, we are constantly working on providing new and exciting job opportunities abroad. Just make sure to subscribe to our free newsletter for all the latest job opportunities abroad.

Step 6) Check your email 📧

You will receive an email from us confirming your application.


we do not collaborate with companies that provide pyramide schemes or any network marketing or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) jobs.

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