Recruiting Nordic speakers just became easy!

linkAnordic is a Nordic job platform, made by Nordic speakers for Nordic job seekers. We dedicate our time to promote, market and advertise Nordic jobs to Nordic job seekers from all over the world.

Our Candidates

Our candidates are 90% Nordic speakers who already work abroad or willing to relocate. The remaining 10% are a mix of multilingual speakers from all over the world.


We specialize and dedicate our time to promote Nordic jobs abroad to Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic speakers from all over the world.

We also promote multilingual jobs abroad to multilingual speakers from all over the world.

Save Time & Budget

Let’s face it, recruiting people is hard, recruiting Nordic speakers is even harder. If you combine the population of all the Scandinavian countries you won’t surpass 30 million people. We will save you and your company both time and the effort by combining traditional recruitment with modern methods in order to provide you with the best Nordic speakers.

Simple Collaboration

There is no need to create an user account as you will have everything delivered. You tell us what you need, and we provide the rest.

Competitive Advantage

Last by not least, we offer a unique solution which not only enables a faster recruitment process but also broadens the reach to several Nordic speakers from all over the world.


Join one of the fastest growing job platforms for Nordic speakers

🚀 Our solutions 🚀




Some of the key benefits included in the Headhunting Solution:

  • Search and Selective approach 🔍

  • Screening 📋

  • Guarantee 👌

  • Email outreach to engaged and nurtured Nordic job seekers 📧

  • Social Media marketing 🤳

  • linkAnordic’s competitive advantage 🏆

Our Headhunting solution is designed to help companies find the best suitable Nordic candidate. We collaborate with startup - enterprise sized companies.

*Note: All our solutions are tailored based on your needs and requirements.


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