F.A.Q. By Companies

What Is linkAnordic?

linkAnordic is a Nordic job platform which aims to collaborate and help both international and Scandinavian companies abroad find and recruit Nordic job seekers from all over the world.

Our mission is to facilitate the recruitment process and help companies save time and budget by linking companies with Nordic job seekers.

How Do You Work?

Depending on what you want us to deliver is as simple as you telling us what your needs and requirements are and we deliver the rest with our entire know-how.

How Do You Collaborate?

We intend to collaborate with you, your internal recruitment team and your company by focusing on an honest and continuous dialog throughout the collaboration.

Where Do I Make An User Account?

One of the benefits we provide is the simple collaborative interface. We deliver everything to you, your recruitment team and your company without you having to worry about signing in or remembering any passwords. Simple, right?

What If We Don’t Work With External Agencies?

linkAnordic is a Nordic job platform and not an external recruitment agency. Which is why we offer our solutions for both companies and recruitment agencies.

Who Can Work With linkAnordic?

We collaborate with startups, mid- and enterprise sized companies which are both local and internationally located and are open to collaborate with companies in various industries.

Which Branches Do You Cover?

For the moment are we covering sales, customer service, support, human resources, finance, travel & tourism, IT, marketing, engineers and architects within various industries and sectors. We are continuously growing and working on adding more branches within different industries.

Which Services Do You Provide?

We provide various recruitment solutions to attract and retain talent for our clients. Being experts in both marketing and recruitment allows us to offer a wide range of services. We even offer to represent our clients at fairs, events and social media recruitment among others.

How Is The Recruitment Process?

We incorporate modern methods with traditional recruitment and aim to collaborate with you, your internal recruitment team and your company for the best results.

The Recruitment Process Is Based On:

Depending on the solution you would choose need our recruitment process is: for

Headhunting solution:

Job Requirement(s) - Search & Selection - Screening - Presentation - Feedback - Placement

Job ad(s) solution:

Job ad(s) - CV/application directly to your recruitment team.

What Is The Cost?

We offer competitive payment alternatives for our customers.

Do You Have Any Guarantee?

Yes, we provide a special guarantee for both of the solutions.

What Is Your Competitive Advantage?

We offer benefits which you have most likely not seen from a job platform before.

Where Are You Located?

We are digital based meaning we are flexible to meet face to face for a coffee or two.

What Is The linkAnordic Tour?

The linkAnordic tour came as a result of our passion for traveling, working abroad and visiting some amazing cities. Meeting our clients, partners and candidates along the way for a coffee or two is the cherry on the top.

I’m Interested In A Collaboration, What Do I Do?

Contact us for more information and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

The Candidates?

Our candidates are native / fluent Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and Icelandic speakers who already work abroad or wish to work abroad. Their profiles are everything from Entry Level to Senior Management and they have different educational backgrounds.

Do You Only Provide Nordic Speakers?

Our specialization is within the Nordic speakers, however, our flexibility allows us to help our partners with other language profiles as well.


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