5 reasons why you should live and work abroad


Everyone should live and work at least one year abroad during their life, and preferably as early in their career as possible. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. You’ll stand out in a competitive job marked

Even though you consider yourself very special, the uncomfortable truth is that lots of people seeking jobs probably have a comparable education and skill set. How then to stand apart from your peers? Well, experience working abroad is one way, and a very good one at that. Those who choose to live and work abroad gains knowledge, experience, and a global network, all valuable and something employers today view as a big plus in their search for tomorrow's leaders.

2. You’ll build a global network

Social media has changed the way we interact with each other, and we’re no more than a few mouse clicks away from connecting with other professionals around the world. However, social media is not suited for something very important, namely building trust. Solid trust can only be achieved by meeting a person face to face. Why is that important, you say? In our experience, an introduction to a potential new investor, manager, and partner often happens due to connections. Perhaps a former colleague you came to know while living and working abroad? If you want to achieve results, especially in multinational companies, a solid international network is undoubtedly beneficial and will get you ahead.

3. You’ll get friends for life

This may sound like a cliché, but to live and work abroad will give you friends, lots of friends - often friendships that last a lifetime. And these friends are valuable, because they’ll help you understand different people, different cultures and will challenge your own view point in ways that will surprise you. The idea of meeting new friends from different nationalities sounds exciting to many and does not just mean dealing with different people, but also experiencing multicultural interaction. One learns to communicate more effectively when dealing with people from other cultures.

4. You can learn another language

The opportunity to learn another language is one of the main reasons why people choose to live and work abroad. It is no secret that a language is best learned where it needs to be used daily. Everyone in Norway are fluent in Norwegian and English (mostly), but imagine being able to speak a third language fluently. You’ll receive offers and positions you otherwise wouldn’t be eligible for, that we can guarantee. You’ll dramatically distinguish yourself from the crowd.

5. Your personal growth will be immense

Having an everyday life different from your own will not only affect your professional career, but also your personal life. Living and working abroad forces you to reflect on your life, and it can dramatically change (or reinforce) your values, your beliefs and your lifestyle. You’ll learn more about yourself by staying away from family and friends than you otherwise would have.